The Jimquisition: vindicated? #Activision #Blizzard

From their latest tirade about physical and emtional abuse at the workforce of “Warcraft” publisher Activision-Blizzard:

Jim Stephanie Sterling does seem to have point. Perhaps the law-enforcement “community” should have stepped in before the death of one employee, and “mass” walking-out of other effected employees?

I’m going to add a quote from each of two recent videos (at the time of writing) by The Jimquisition, that I’ve also posted in the comments of the respective videos.

All typographic errors are my own. The first video comes with a content warning, confirming discussion of suicide and abuse.

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Latest product from #RetroN5 maker competes with #NESClassic

Gaming goodness, all over the freakin’ place!

It’s so flaming marvellous to see a new manufacturer make strides into a competitive market, and to actually succeed at bringing innovative products to that market.

This is why I am proper pleased to see Hyperkin go all out with their latest flagship, the RetroN HD.

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Packing for Mars – Book Review

In science fiction trips to the stars often seem to be almost routine. The problems that make real space flight so difficult are ignored. I don’t mean nitpicking points like the apparent impossibility of travelling that fast. I’m talking about the real problems. Being stuck in cramped conditions with a handful of people or having to live on pouches of mashed up food. How do you wash when water floats away in balls? And of course there is every schoolchild’s favourite question for astronauts. How do they go to the toilet in zero gravity? In Packing for Mars Mary Roach investigates these problems and a host of others connected with the basic fact that human beings are totally unsuited to life in space. (Read more…)