The Jimquisition: vindicated? #Activision #Blizzard

From their latest tirade about physical and emtional abuse at the workforce of “Warcraft” publisher Activision-Blizzard:

Jim Stephanie Sterling does seem to have point. Perhaps the law-enforcement “community” should have stepped in before the death of one employee, and “mass” walking-out of other effected employees?

I’m going to add a quote from each of two recent videos (at the time of writing) by The Jimquisition, that I’ve also posted in the comments of the respective videos.

All typographic errors are my own. The first video comes with a content warning, confirming discussion of suicide and abuse.

“I wish I had more coherent things to say; but I don’t. I’m too angry and upset and I’m sorry I haven’t productive things to say, after so many stories of abuse in this F*ck*ng industry, after watching Ubisoft years of covering for abusers; while the press ignores it and the fanbase tells anyone speaking to ‘shut up’; I only pray that the people with the power to hold these companies to account *do so*; even if it’s something so small as refusing to cover their games as a Press Outlet (as a handful of outlets have now pledged) companies so rife with abuse need to be cut off, shunned, and told to go F*ck Themselves.”

“Companies like Activision need to accept accountability, but they will never do so, unless the labour they exploit can have a voice; unless the workers they keep suppressed can protect themselves and each other. Company walk-outs; a unified voice; a message that access to ones labour should be considered a privilege *and not a f*ck*ng right*: these are what are crucially needed; and bless those ActiBlizz employees who have set a *real* example for what should be done. Draw blood; hit their bottom-line; you can never really take down a company like Activision; but with a unified workforce you can F*CK*NG hurt them; and Activision deserves pain.”

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