Blade Runner’s sequel-itis

It appears that the eponymous Ridley Scott / Harrison Ford vehicle Blade Runner is set to get a sequel. From what I can delve (and I admit I’ve not tried hard) this seems to be the only official property touting this apparently well-documented reportage…

However: despite Skewed ‘n’ Reviewed suffering a hack their interview with Paul Sammon (who in turn wrote the equally layered Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner) is still available and does vaguely support the piece. Hooray… Continue reading

A thought about entertainment…

The Pitmen Painters

The only “lefty” rant I’ve seen on a stage, disguised as a theatre production, but fortunately it has something useful to say about “the class divide”.

As a result, Art (capitalised!) is brought to the masses; and although somewhat stymied by a fairly formulaic narrative (and an uneven approach to breaking the third wall), is worth a watch.

Lee Hall‘s efforts probably would find success on the small screen; but the speedy interplay between characters is by far one of its strengths.

Michael Hodgson as Mr (“Not a Professor?!”) Lyon was my favourite; but stand-out parts were produced by Brian Lonsdale adding a fire that’s only doused by the deliveries of Christopher Connel and Ian Kelly.

Apologies for any misappropriation: I have no program for reference! I also believe the cast has changed since the production was at The National, but I noticed no detriment.

Sherlock Holmes 2

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