Let the Linux gaming begin! #SteamOS

I’ll let the original article speak for itself (c/o Steven Vaughan-Nichols):

Valve’s Linux-based Steam Machines gaming console starts shipping today to a few beta testers. SteamOS, it’s Linux for gamers, is scheduled to be released to everyone at the same time.

If you’re very, very lucky, and live in the United States, you may be one of 300 selected beta testers who will soon receive Valve’s Steam Machine and its Linux-based SteamOS for beta testing.

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Potential for #RyanReynolds #TheVoices

You’ll find that Ryan Reynolds hasn’t been a favourite amoung the geek community since “his” version of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern was…

Not well-received. You might say the same of the encouragement he gave to Wesley Snipes to make the third Blade movie (you may not remember this ever existed – fair enough!).

Now Reynolds is due to star in a creepy-sounding flick “The Voices” from Marjane Satrapi, the director (and original writer) of rather high-brow Persepolis (that I’m afraid we haven’t reviewed yet!). Continue reading

#Hyperkin announces UK distribution

Yes, it’s true, the RetroN 5 is coming to the UK!…

Hyperkin Media (the producer of the above retro-only gaming system) has announced their newest product will support games from no less than 10 separate “legacy” systems, 8 of which are Nintendo’s I.P.

What exactly the big N thinks is a little irrelevant, as this is the fourth console from the irreverent manufacturer, and I believe there’s no sign of any litigation yet… Continue reading