Going on a Which Hunt

Daryl L. Houston does it again:

Often, people will use the word ‘which’ when ‘that’ is more appropriate.



Daryl L. L. Houston writes in “Rhythm“:

The heartbeat as typically rendered is roughly iambic, and I’ve read speculation that it is the heart’s iambic tendency that makes us gravitate toward the iambic foot in poetry (sonnets are made of iambs).

Publishing and Coping With Rejection

Here at MonstaPro, we like to think we know a thing or two about writing; particularly what it takes to get some words down in the right order.

This is why we feel that, when other like-minded souls scribble a few things in order to help that situation, we’d like to spread the word in order to help the general populace. We’re nice like that. Continue reading

New to Monsta – ‘The God Kings’

Introducing the first story on the new platform that didn’t make an appearance on the old one.

(edit) ‘The God Kings’‘ was my first paid short story publication. It is a science fiction story about the conflict between the temptations of god-hood and the joys of fish and chips (amongst other things).

This story was previously published in Alien Skin Magazine.