The MonstaPro site exists to entertain you, and to give writers, filmmakers and critics a place to showcase their work on the web.

This is our newest platform, waiting in the wings to Strike Down Any Foe hold all of our content, past and present; showing off an original outlook on popular culture since 2005.

We have only started setting this “new” site up, so please bear with us while we set the wheels in motion (the MonstaPro team has gone through some drastic changes since we last wrote / bleated / whinged)!

Rest assured, the old content (reviews, interviews, shenanigans, etc) will* still be at MonstaPro.co.uk (AKA MonsterPro.co.uk) until we say otherwise**. In case you want to get in contact by another means than e-mail (staff at monstapro dot co dot uk!), we are now on Twitter as well as Facebook.

The site, as you may or may not be aware, was originally a collection of our various writings (see above) including Stories, News and Reviews. We are currently switching that content to a new platform that we feel will give a new life to that content, while helping us keep all at MonstaPro up-to-date.

As a result, and for the time being (while we get setup here) I would very much like to direct you to the above addresses to see more of what we’re about. Come back here to get in touch though, or even subscribe! We look forward to hearing from you.

Please be patient: this move to WordPress means we (i.e. You and Us) get a more flexible network of people to keep the site going; get more regular updates AND more space for us to (potentially) hold your stuff! We think that’s a “win-win”, hopefully avoiding sounding cheesier than some Stinking Bishop (look it up).

Now: thanks for getting this far!

We want to bring to you dedicated fans the opportunity to send us more content in the future (the Other tense!). For this purpose, please get in touch with us at the address on our swishy new Submissions page, this contains the most up-to-date contact details, instructions and FAQs for this purpose…

If you have sent us some content and you haven’t seen it posted, and you haven’t had a “sorry but no thanks” message from one of us, chances are we just haven’t got it done yet! We are thankful for all the new stuff that we get, and we understand there’s “bigger fish” out there that do what we do. Thanks for choosing us!

*Unfortunately our usual provider has relinquished their Webspace service, as of 28th April, 2016. Until we can find an alternative (and Nick does have some ideas) you’ll have to hold your horses while we fix this.

**See above. This is us telling you, init.