Destiny’s Price

R.M. Carroll

“Want a hit baby?” She asked through the haze of smoke that wafted up from the crack pipe. Her long black hair hung down like a veil. Her eyes were glazed as the drug did its thing. The hotel room was cheap, the bedspread worn with age and use. She lay there, her back propped up against the wall, her legs splayed open shamelessly showing her most private parts to me. Her name was Destiny.

Finding her had been simple enough. A trip to a rundown hole in the wall that passed for a strip club was my chosen hunting grounds. I watched the parade of girls as they walked down the ramp, observed them as they interacted with the other men in the dark smoke filled bar. Some of them were good, too good to be in a shit hole like this. They would never be beautiful enough to make it in the high class strip clubs but they should have been making more then the lousy tips and 20 dollar lap dances they were getting. I respected them and their work ethic, I wasn’t there for them.

After that came the majority of the girls, the ones who were cute but would never be good enough for the elite clubs like Al’s. They were accepting of their existence and many of the men that they talked with were obviously regulars. There was a familiarity between them, customer and dancer, like the small talk was something of the past and a comfort level existed that let them chat about their personal lives without it interfering with the business part of the relationship. They may not have had the goods but they worked their asses off and I admired them for it.

Then there was the third and final grouping. The addicts, the desperate souls who would do anything for that dollar. Twenty bucks for a lap dance? How about fifty for a blowjob? Seventy Five for a fuck at the hotel down the block? They were helpless in the hands of their bloodthirsty gods, the demons of addiction held them down. Crack, Coke, Heroin, it didn’t matter which altar they worshiped at they all paid the same price. It was obvious which ones belonged in this group. They weren’t just friendly they were all over the other men. Every move oozed sex but to look into their eyes was to look into the pits of hell.

I watched them as they moved around the room, as they worked from table to table looking for that mark that would allow them to score. One caught my eye right away. Her long blonde hair was tied off into a pony tail and her full breasts glistened and heaved as she moved on the stage. She wasn’t beautiful. Her midsection bore the stretch marks of childbirth and the black bags under her eyes betrayed her sleepless nights, she was a good twenty pounds overweight and after watching her closely I realized it was obvious that she was unhappy. All the same she was mesmerizing. I was able to tear my eyes away from her long enough to study the others in the room. Most of the men were occupied by the other young ladies and were paying no attention to what was going on at the stage. There were a few others however and they watched the girl as she moved and swayed on the stage. She may not have been beautiful but she had an animal magnetism that just screamed fuck me.

So engrossed was I in the show, drawn like a moth to this woman’s flame that I didn’t notice Destiny until she slipped into my lap. “Hi.” She said with a smile and wrapped her arms around my neck. She was pretty, her hair long and black, her face held a natural beauty that was actually hid by the layers of makeup that she wore. Her body was lithe, not an ounce of fat on her. Her firm breasts were a good size, not too big but not too small either. It was her eyes that caught my attention and held them. Piercing green the color of a deep lush meadow, the pupils like pinpricks as I stared into them. She was paying homage at the altar of her god and looking for a donation for the next trip.

“Hello there.” I responded back with a smile. The smile seemed to set her at ease, she thought she had hooked me and would soon begin to reel me in. Little did she know just how much those tables were reversed.

“I’m Destiny.” She said and snuggled in closer. We were inches apart, I could smell the cigarette smoke and the underlying smell of her drug of choice on her breath. There were gold flecks in her eyes that I hadn’t noticed before. “I’ve never seen you here before are you new?”

A smile and a nod were all I gave by way of response and I watched her confidence grow as she wiggled in my lap. “Can I get you something to drink?” I offered.

“Sure.” She replied and waived down the waitress who had brought me my beer. “Vodka Rocks.” She said and I nodded in reply when the waitress asked if I wanted another beer. “So can I interest you in a dance?” Destiny asked as soon as the waitress had departed.

“Well since I’ve never been here before I really don’t know what it is you mean by a dance.” I replied and gave her a sheepish smile. I could play coy if that’s what it took to make her feel secure and in control. She thought she had me, I could see it in her eyes.

“Well for twenty bucks I’ll dance for you, in private with no clothes on. I love to have my tits pinched and sucked and rubbed. Its even better when my pussy gets licked and if you want to rub me there too you can.” I made the smile on my face grow bigger as she told me all the things she would do to me for the money in my wallet.

“Ok.” I replied but was forced to stop with the return of our waitress. She placed out two small white napkins before depositing the drinks down on top of each little square.

“That’ll be 8 dollars.” She said with a look of boredom. I nodded and made a show of pulling out my wallet. I watched Destiny out of the corner of my eye as I flashed her the large wad of twenties I had stuck inside of my billfold. I picked one out and handed it to the waitress.

“Keep the change.” I told her and watched the bored expression vanish, replaced by one of sheer joy. She tucked the twenty into the cup of her rather large bra and headed back to the bar. Destiny was doing all she could to keep from drooling as her eyes tracked my wallet all the way back down into my back pocket.

“So how about that dance?” She asked, unable to keep the gleeful expression from her face.

“First a toast.” I said and lifted my beer. She took her drink and raised her glass next to mine. “To the start of something wonderful.” I said and took a swig from the bottle. Destiny didn’t hesitate, she slammed down the vodka in one pull and dropped the glass down onto the table.

“Ready?” She asked me and staggered to her feet.

“Sure lets go.” I replied and followed her toward the back of the bar and the group of couches on the other side divided by a flimsy plywood partition. It offered minimal privacy and one of the other couches was already in use when we entered.

“Have a seat.” She said and pulled off the maroon silk bra she had been wearing. The matching panties followed and she gave me a seductive smile as she watched me through the veil of black hair that hung down over her face.

The song changed, some kind of techno rap fusion that I didn’t recognize and it seemed to be her cue. She slipped forward moving with the grace of a striking cobra. Destiny literally climbed up my body, her head buried against my pants, then up my shirt to my throat. I rested my hands on her sides as she continued to climb my body slow and sensual.

When her breast ran across my lips I obliged her by running my tongue over her hard nipple and was greeted with a soft sigh from between her lips. Without a doubt her mind was on how much rock she would be able to get with the money she made from this dance. I knew she was already planning ways to get me to buy more dances. He body continued to climb upwards and soon her stomach was before my eyes then her hips as she lifted her body into a standing position on the couch. I knew what she wanted, knew that it would be the final hook needed to show her I was interested in her wares.

My tongue traced along her soft skin tasting the most sacred of places on a woman. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed but it was something I needed to do to gain her trust in our little game. She gyrated her hips against my face and moaned softly before slowly slipping back down my body. The song changed from the techno rap to a hard rock song that I recognized. I smiled as she slipped off of me and danced seductively in front of me.

She slipped back into my lap and rubbed her slit in front of me with her best ‘Don’t you think I’m sexy’ look and I bit back a laugh. It would do no good to let her go now that she was so close to being mine. “Would you like another?” She asked softly and leaned in close. She sucked the bottom of my ear into her mouth and bit it gently, tugged on it with her teeth in a teasing manner before letting go.

The song ended in a fade, something I noticed quite a few of them did. She slipped off of my lap and onto the couch. I reached for my wallet and pulled it free. I made sure she saw the hundreds that I kept inside as I pulled out a twenty. She looked away as I turned my attention back to her and handed her the twenty.

“That was nice.” I said with a smile that I knew would look sincere and a look that showed I was pleased. “What else is there?” I asked her. I played out the line a little and waited for her to bite. I didn’t have to wait long.

“I know a place we can go.” She replied with a purr and slipped her hands around my arm. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me under the tops of her hooded eyes. “Hundred bucks and I’ll make sure you have a real good night.” Right then I knew I had her but I couldn’t give in just like that she had to feel like she earned it.

“Oh come on, I guarantee it will be a night you will never forget.” She coaxed. One of her hands slipped down my arm to rest on my crotch. She moved her fingers lightly back and forth and purred. “See, part of you is already saying yes.”

It was that simple. A quick trip to the manager’s office, one that saw her leaving with a small plastic baggy clutched in hand, and we were off to the hotel room. She lit the pipe in the car. I didn’t say anything, simply put the window down to let her blow the smoke out as she directed me to the hotel.

“So do ya want a hit or what?” She asked me from her spot on the bed. She didn’t seem to mind that she was sitting sprawled out like the common whore that she was. I didn’t reply but I did let her see the silver gleam of the handcuffs that I had pulled from my jacket pocket. Her eyebrows raised at the sight but she didn’t say anything, instead she chose to take another pull off of the pipe.

“Put the pipe down.” I told her in a quiet voice and sat down on the bed next to her. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and flicked the lighter to light it once more and continue what she had been doing. She was being belligerent and showed just how much of an addict she was.

Her head bounced off of the headboard and a gag escaped from her lips when I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her backward. The lighter fell from one hand and the pipe slipped from the other as she stared at me in a daze. I grabbed one wrist and slapped the cuff on it and hooked the other end to the night stand, securely bolted to the ground.

“What, what are you doing?” She asked in a dazed voice. Her eyes followed me to the other side of the bed.

“I’m chaining you up so you don’t struggle.” I told her matter of fact and slipped the second set of cuffs from my pocket and hooked her other wrist to the lamp that hung to the right of the bed.

“I didn’t know you were into this, it’ll cost extra.” She muttered and tried to get more comfortable in her confined condition. I didn’t say anything, instead opting to let her see the black leather bag that I had brought in from the car. “What’s that?” She asked, a mixture of curiosity and worry in her voice as my fingers grasped the zipper and slowly pulled it down.

“Everything has a price.” I told her without looking up from the beautiful black leather. I stroked it with the tips of my fingers and smiled. “You worship at the altar of your god Cocaine, you pray to your crack god every night for release from the mundane world.” I reached into the bag and felt my hand touch the cool steel of the knife inside. “There are other gods Destiny, dark gods that demand worship just like your weak little drug god.”

“Ohmygod.” She gasped, her eyes wide white orbs that watched me pull the shiny silver blade from its home.

“Yes indeed.” I told her. “Everyone must pay the price Destiny and this is the one you must pay.” I laid the cool blade on the side of her soft breast and watched her nipples harden. With a flick of my wrist the blade sliced downward and neatly chopped off her nipple and areola. I watched the piece of skin fall between her legs as the blood flowed from her breast, the first scream irrupted from her lips.

“Oh God it hurts! Please don’t kill me please! I’ll do anything you want!” She babbled her eyes wide, her head moved from side to side.

“Pray little addict.” I whispered in her ear, “Pray to your little god to come and save you now.” I placed the blade against her cheek and leaned in close. I took her ear lobe in my mouth and bit down gently, just as she had done to me in the club. The knife moved like a hot blade through butter and severed the chunk of ear where it met my mouth.

I felt the warm gush, the copper taste as the blood filled my mouth. I smiled a crimson grin and swallowed the bit of flesh. She screamed again, a long howl of desperation and terror. I made no move to stop her, it really didn’t matter how noisy she was. I had planned this out, going so far as to rent out the hotel earlier that day knowing I would be back later with a guest.

“Please.” She begged. “Please let me go.”

“Well now I can’t do that Destiny.” I told her with honesty. I sat back on the bed and looked at her. “I need to do this, don’t you understand?” I flicked my wrist and a cut magically appeared on her midsection. She screamed. “I have my own god to satisfy. I have my own price to pay.”

Another flick of the wrist, another cut, another scream. “Pleassse.” She pleaded. “Please stop.” I felt pity for her, it was nothing personal, she was just the sacrifice that was demanded of me. Her addiction made her weak, the fact that she was willing to prostitute herself made her expendable.

I slipped up the bed and placed the blade to her throat, our eyes locked. “Everyone has a price that they must pay. Yours is the selling of your body and the using of others to get money to buy your precious drugs.” I could see it in her eyes that she didn’t understand what I meant, that she was terrified and in pain and in fear for her life.

“Let me go.” She whispered softly one last time and a sigh escape from my lips.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. It’s time to pay the price, Destiny’s price.” I slit her throat with a rip that bit deep into her neck. Her head flopped backward and bounced against the wall. Her hot blood pumped into my face and down the front of my shirt. I sat still and felt the euphoria of my sacrifice to my dark lord. He would be sated now, for a time, by then I will be in a new town, with a new identity and another wayward girl in my sights.

It was a simple matter of a shower and a gallon of gasoline to clean up after myself. The rental car I would leave in front of the hotel, it was registered under a false name with a stolen credit card. I had done this too many times to worry about being caught. I watched the sun slowly begin to rise over the horizon as I walked east. Where to go next? It had been a while since I had visited the coast maybe Los Angeles, there were plenty of lost souls there to feed my addiction.


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