Trent Reznor “unpacks” the Zeitgeist

From The Vulture’s interview with Trent Reznor (posted on 9:54 am):

[V:] So forget the packaging [or NiN’s recent EPs], does it affect the music you create when you know that people are going to be scrutinizing the results like they’re messages from outer space?
[TR:] What the obsessives maybe don’t know is that if I were to explain everything to you, or just explicitly lay out what the new EP is about, you’d only be disappointed. You don’t really want to know. The experience of grappling with the thing is what makes it interesting, not the immediate gratification of going, ‘Oh, that’s what it means.’

Words to live by? Anyway; thanks to @RhiannonJudithW and @forschungstorte for pushing this; and to the @freacproject for starting this merry ride.