#Hyperkin announces UK distribution

Yes, it’s true, the RetroN 5 is coming to the UK!…

Hyperkin Media (the producer of the above retro-only gaming system) has announced their newest product will support games from no less than 10 separate “legacy” systems, 8 of which are Nintendo’s I.P.

What exactly the big N thinks is a little irrelevant, as this is the fourth console from the irreverent manufacturer, and I believe there’s no sign of any litigation yet… Continue reading

Blade Runner’s sequel-itis

It appears that the eponymous Ridley Scott / Harrison Ford vehicle Blade Runner is set to get a sequel. From what I can delve (and I admit I’ve not tried hard) this seems to be the only official property touting this apparently well-documented reportage…

However: despite Skewed ‘n’ Reviewed suffering a hack their interview with Paul Sammon (who in turn wrote the equally layered Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner) is still available and does vaguely support the piece. Hooray… Continue reading