Last-gen Gaming written up by @Kotaku

Last month Kotaku luminary Kirk Hamilton kicked off a whole four weeks of manic scribbling by the same front-line gaming blog/news-stand/cruft-hole with a piece entitled “The Best And Worst of the Last Generation of Gaming“.

“The seventh gaming console generation, which began nearly eight years ago in 2005 is, at long last, entering its twilight stages. It’s time to look back.”

True, that it doesn’t gather together anything from handheld, what is described as “mobile” or desktop PC areas; Kotaku aren’t normally where massive Rock, Paper, Shotgun-style diatribes are found. RPS kinda got that covered…

The event in question that sparked this collection of pointed textual (and text-based) squeaks is the release of the PS4, slated for general release across the US on November 15th (two days before this very article was written!). Time will tell if Sony‘s post-finger pointing release speeches (including the briefly discussed “we won’t include include DRM” shenanigans) further support the quality over their main competitor Microsoft‘s Xbox One (released across 13 territories on November 22nd). Considering first thoughts are a little sketchy and hardware errors are already making waves, who knows.

Back to the past; Mr Hamilton goes on to write:

“The series will be organized into two tags: The whole series will be under the Last-Gen Heroes tag, though we’ll also have Last-Gen Zeroes for the stuff we didn’t like.”

Favourites so far (one from each of the above) are: The Games That Defined The Last Generation (for the big three consoles only…) and Overheating Consoles Were the Worst Problem of Last Generation. I’m sure many of you will agree; don’t all cheer at once.

In a close second, come This Was The Generation Of Increasingly Silly Game Names and Console Games Have Helped Save The PC. Hint, hint; Valve.

Knowing Kotaku there will probably be more words released before the XB1 arrives, so bookmark both the tags if you care that much.

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