#Hyperkin announces UK distribution

Yes, it’s true, the RetroN 5 is coming to the UK!…

Hyperkin Media (the producer of the above retro-only gaming system) has announced their newest product will support games from no less than 10 separate “legacy” systems, 8 of which are Nintendo’s I.P.

What exactly the big N thinks is a little irrelevant, as this is the fourth console from the irreverent manufacturer, and I believe there’s no sign of any litigation yet…

Ensuring the box crosses region-boundaries and bypasses relevant chips (formerly a favourite reason for lawyer-ing by the N) one would’ve thought this would get their act together, if they cared…

As a result, but mostly because this author has had a chequered experience with emulators, it’s going on my wishlist!

Including two controllers with PS3-style rechargeable batteries (that are integrated into the controller but are rechargeable) was definitely genius; but the stick under the left thumb is going to bring contention. Being a “nubble” style “omni-directional” lump (see the included link for images) rather than the traditional “cross” or “d-pad” has already made the lower-half of the page on Hyperkin’s site buzz…

I definitely like the dashboard that runs the box itself; including the features therein like auto-save on shutdown (did I mention you can now utilise savegames for all supported systems?!) and a built-in cheat codes!

There’s also mention of individual player profiles being applied to button config’s; but how exactly this will work is unclear.

Just in case you fancy having a go at “serious” button mashing, both the included controllers have two programmable “macro” buttons each! For example: SNES; S.F. II Championship: speed cheat, anyone?…

6 ports are also built into each box just for native controllers, in case you really “feel the need”.


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