Blade Runner’s sequel-itis

It appears that the eponymous Ridley Scott / Harrison Ford vehicle Blade Runner is set to get a sequel. From what I can delve (and I admit I’ve not tried hard) this seems to be the only official property touting this apparently well-documented reportage…

However: despite Skewed ‘n’ Reviewed suffering a hack their interview with Paul Sammon (who in turn wrote the equally layered Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner) is still available and does vaguely support the piece. Hooray…I am growing a “freakin’ huge” piece (of text – I’ll leave Matt Mickelson to do the proper obssessing) that does much screeching and bemoaning of “sequelitis”, related to the interactive as well as non-interative media, that shows off what I have come to feel about sequels in general. Suffice to say it’s not good. So to hear that something close to my filmic heart as Blade Runner could get the same treatment does make me come over a little churlish…

Considering the only big release, mechandise-wise, from Warner Brothers is mighty tomes of material or next to nothing; it seems that they’re copying the Blockbuster model of “cost/benefit analysis” in this regard.

Having written about Blade Runner myself (for something I hope to finally publish this year) watching Dangerous Days (a santioned documentary) was a long hard slog over another doc’ On The Edge Of Blade Runner, which most definitely wasn’t. Comparing these two productions to something as explorative (if allegedly incomplete) as Future Noir shows there can be only hope amoung the fans who still aren’t off-world. Hopefully IMDB will prove yet again to be a yardstick…


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