Could the shooter be a dying genre?

RT @IGN: Could the shooter be a dying genre?

Our man Cooper says:

Five years ago when I said Call of Duty would put an end to innovation in gaming no one agreed. Today everybody is wobbling on about it as if its [sic.] the most obvious thing in the world.
Not that its [sic.] in any way helpful to the discussion but… I called it. It took five years for anyone else to bl**dy notice but I f*cking called it! Not that my opinion counts for much, but five years down the line I… f*cking… called it!

I also remember “calling it” for MMORPG’s, consoles going on-line, motion controls and the rise of indie development, but that’s not important now. (Called it!)

As far as FPS’ dying as a genre because there is nowhere left to go… well that’s a load of old bull pies. Anyone with an ounce of creativity can come up with a thousand workable ideas to refresh (for example) Call of Duty and make it once again relevant.
The problem is *goes back to banging that same old drum* [sic.] the people signing the pay cheques aren’t gamers. They’re businessmen and board members. They don’t have a clue what makes a good game any more than I know what makes a good soufflé. They see figures and when a game sells well that makes for some pretty convincing numbers. As a result you get long franchises that do nothing to better themselves or try anything new and more often than not all you get from a sequel is the same old tart wearing a slightly different shade of lipstick.

Likewise, a factoid brought up in the article states that the power of next gen consoles and ‘authenticity’ would be the way forward. Again, I’m calling bullsh*t on that one, because you can only iterate on a theme so many times before it becomes the same turd in a slightly more glittery hat. PC’s have had the power to run near-photo realistic textures for years and has the genre evolved? Not in the slightest.
So when Call of Duty ‘ultra real bullet physics and photo realistic textures’ edition comes out and falls flat on its big wobbly ar*e I want you to know I called that one as well.

I’m also calling jet packs, cold fusion and the resurgence of sponges in the bathroom.


2 responses to “Could the shooter be a dying genre?

  1. Well look at that. I actually said something worth publishing. For a moment I was considering actually adding something to this thread, but I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead 😀

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