Amazon Starts a Publishing War?

Retail giant Amazon has stretched it’s ever-wider spanning reach toward global market-penetration recently, and not just with its Kindle e-book service / device / app’ / possible-branding-exercise. The big A has now chosen the publishing industry as its next competitor, apparently not happy with the speed The Public are buying it’s arguably flagship e-book reader; perhaps avoiding adding a sixty quid for a tactile keyboard could be a good start…

Given time, the iPad2 and certainly (in the UK) WHSmith’s Kobo may do the same, but now Amazon wants to license as well as sell the books (see the former-most link) ¬†there’s doubt that the other two will get the same audience.

It may well be argued that Amazon has done more for sustainable, even exciting technology than perhaps Google; it may even be making web-techies very excited (I’m nearly one of them) having adopted the allegedly-so-cutting edge-it-hurts HTML5 as the backbone of its e-book format; however, undercutting the print industry in a time of recession probably won’t win it many friends…

However, it can be said they haven’t been slow on the uptake of a possible trend, as seen on BBC (morning) News last week. Entities like KickStarter have already coined the idea, but to branch it to books could create a wildfire of new writing, particularly exciting (unless you’re Anthony Horowitz – see the “a possible trend” link above) that one would be paid well for it!



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