Lies Your English Teacher Told You

College English Tutor Lisa Muzaffar Kusko writes:

As a college English instructor, I continually have to remove writing myths from my students’ brains. These rules don’t appear in any grammar book, but they are taught year after year.

Since writing properly is, here at MonstaPro, dear to our hearts (and it’s created a small storm in its comments section) we’d thought we’d share!

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4 responses to “Lies Your English Teacher Told You

  1. I take it you know there’s links to the article in question in two places in this Post. How is the colouring going, anyway?

    • Oh, damn it, I was sure you linked to this post itself because it had the same title. Silly me.

      I haven’t got it back yet. I think my English teacher forgot about it.

      • If he could only set you colouring for an assignment, I think that may be for the best. As long as you got something out of it, right?

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