Publishing and Coping With Rejection

Here at MonstaPro, we like to think we know a thing or two about writing; particularly what it takes to get some words down in the right order.

This is why we feel that, when other like-minded souls scribble a few things in order to help that situation, we’d like to spread the word in order to help the general populace. We’re nice like that.

Subsequently, found this (following) little gem, thought we’d share. Here’s a snippet:

It takes more than time to write a book. It also takes courage, stamina and self-belief, all of which may leach away in the face of (constant) rejection. And, let’s be clear, rejection is the norm. The spurn rate is much higher with journal articles (many journals rejecting as many as 95% of the articles submitted) but the norm is rejection for a book manuscript, too. Luckily, there is (or should be) more than one press or journal to offer your work to.

How then to react to rejection, and to move on positively?

Have a look at Getting Published, they know what they’re talking about.


3 responses to “Publishing and Coping With Rejection

  1. Maybe we should not think of it as rejection, but as an opportunity to improve our work. If we are rejected, often with a reason why, that is the perfect springboard for improvement! If our goal is validation, we will be crushed eventually. If our goal is wonderful writing, then rejection is simply an indication that we haven’t yet reached our goal.

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