A thought about entertainment…

The Pitmen Painters

The only “lefty” rant I’ve seen on a stage, disguised as a theatre production, but fortunately it has something useful to say about “the class divide”.

As a result, Art (capitalised!) is brought to the masses; and although somewhat stymied by a fairly formulaic narrative (and an uneven approach to breaking the third wall), is worth a watch.

Lee Hall‘s efforts probably would find success on the small screen; but the speedy interplay between characters is by far one of its strengths.

Michael Hodgson as Mr (“Not a Professor?!”) Lyon was my favourite; but stand-out parts were produced by Brian Lonsdale adding a fire that’s only doused by the deliveries of Christopher Connel and Ian Kelly.

Apologies for any misappropriation: I have no program for reference! I also believe the cast has changed since the production was at The National, but I noticed no detriment.

Sherlock Holmes 2

An item I’m looking forward to, though not so much now Mark Strong’s definitely not on the cast list. (Denial? Moi?)

He is reported as being well made-up for the role of Sinestro in the Ryan Reynolds vehicle The Green Lantern. Possible future comment, “ahoy”…

Fortunately Eddie Marsan and Rachel McAdams don’t follow the same route from SH2, and Mad Men star Jared Harris is… Well, the villain.

Like you could see this role being barred from the plot (hint hint)!

My guess is it (and Harris’ performance) will make or break the production; but if there is another sequel the anti-Hollywood “trolls” will have another excuse to hone their clubs…

I still believe that Them In California wouldn’t have started approving of sequels “again” were it not for Peter Jackson’s version of Lord of the Rings; but that trilogy was a pleasant surprise and not hampered by much screen-time for the weaker performances. I hope I get to say the same for Ritchie’s latest production. (Yes, GR made the sequel too. Sorry?…)


Interesting book (a particular Groucho Marx joke springs to mind):



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