A call to herald

Yes, it’s true. The MonstaPro Archives are officially closed for content…

It was a sunny day followed by a fun night in 2005 that begat the original incarnation of ┬áMonstaPro: photo’s of the launch party that happened a few months later are still out there. If you can find them…

I find the usefulness of an archive wanes in time, but there is no need for us to even consider removing it yet. As stated on its Index: shifting the entire archive will take a while. Once there’s no further need for it we may change that decision, but I don’t see that happening for a good while yet!

I hear Mr. Green’s examining “some new stuff” that has, shamefully, sat in the Staff Inbox for bloody ages. I’ve been told he’s examining it this week. Rules providing, we’ll be in touch to report what’s been marked “to keep”, and what’s been “bleeped”.

Also, in light of today’s web-app’ dominated and social-marketing focussed web, we’re now on Twitter! It’s still early days for our latest branch yet, but hopefully this very post will be broadcasted to the web’s snappiest blog… Please feel free to ask questions, I’ll be checking it regularly and encouraging Mr. Green to do the same!


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